Sleep Study Process

For DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and other supplies, or if you are unable to keep your scheduled sleep study appointment please contact us during business hours at (817) 865-1977.

Preparation for the sleep study:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or napping the day of the test. Bring comfortable clothing to sleep in. You may also bring a pillow if you would like. Have a normal dinner before you come in. If you would like to, you can also bring your favorite snack. Light snacks and drinks will be provided in the lab.
  • Please take all your medications that you normally take before bedtime.
  • The sleep technician will explain the set up procedure and answer all your questions regarding the test. There may be a waiting period while the technician is applying the electrodes. You may read, surf the web on your mobile device, or relax during this time.

During the Sleep Study:

  • During the sleep testing, small metal disks called electrodes are applied to your scalp with adhesive paste. This can be removed easily by shampooing without damaging your hair.
  • EKG electrodes will be applied to the chest to monitor your heart rhythm. There will be a soft belt around your chest and waist to monitor breathing. A sensor will be applied to your finger to monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. A small electrode will be applied to each leg. None of these devices are painful or dangerous.
  • Restrooms are located a few doors from your room and there is also a shower area inside the facility.

After the Sleep Study:

  • The polysomnogram recording, its analysis, and interpretation are part of the complex process. The sleep tech primarily records the data which is analyzed by the scoring technician over the next few days. This is followed by interpretation by a board certified sleep specialist. The whole process may take a few days. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the study.
  • Once your sleep report is completed, you will be contacted by our office staff to schedule a follow-up appointment with your neurologist/sleep specialist. Treatment options will be discussed at this time.

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